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As an Assistant Principal of Kanwal Public School, I am writing in strong support of Gorokan Preschool as an active and valuable part of our local community. For the best part of 40 years, Kanwal Public School has received students from Gorokan Preschool into our Kindergarten classes with their families and students being actively involved in our more recent transition-to-school programs. 

As a community-based preschool, the service promotes a strong connection with local educational facilities and community groups. Gorokan Preschool has invited our teachers into their centre to meet families and make connections with potential students in order to establish an authentic transition process for the children.


Staff have worked in conjunction with our school learning and support staff to create a cooperative platform upon which resources and information are shared to ensure that children with greater learning needs / diagnosis receive a genuine continuation of support as they enter primary school from preschool. 

Students from Gorokan Preschool begin their formal schooling with a strong sense of belonging and confidence. Their preschool experiences have generally been very positive, and the students enter our school as responsible and curious learners. Kanwal Public School values the strong connection we have with Gorokan Preschool and believe that by valuing and fostering this, local families and children continue to benefit.

Joanne McPhan - Assistant Principal, Kanwal Public School

"Amazing team of educators and staff. Fantastic environment, well-planned curriculum and stimulating activities"

Mum of Éabha

"Maddie is so lucky to have such amazing teachers who are always so approachable. By far this is the best preschool. It has exceeded all our expectations. Our children could not wait to go to preschool which says a lot. Can’t fault anything such a lovely preschool. Thank you Matty loves his preschool. We feel very blessed to be a part of it. Both Chloe and Matty always say they want to go to the ‘Pirate Ship School’ and say YAY when its school"

“Nate has the most amazing teachers - warm, loving and approachable. Nate loves going to preschool. After 1 month at your preschool, your strengths would be the loving, safe, friendly environment you provide and so far the quality education”.

Mum of Nate

Mum of Chloe and Matty


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