Our Preschool

Our history now encompasses 38 years of service to the local community, actively welcoming our first 80 preschool families in 1975.

As early childhood educators, relationships are at the heart of everything we do. Genuine, positive relationships with children, families and each other are essential if we want to achieve positive outcomes.  When we think about relationships, it is not just our relationships with children that spring to mind, partnerships and relationships with our families are just as important.  Working with parents is rewarding, challenging and always full of possibilities. The best learning outcomes for children occur when educators and family members work together.

Through Play-based learning children:

  • make sense of their world;
  • develop and explore their own interests and ideas;
  • develop curiosity, creativity and problem solving skills   and
  • build relationships, social skills and language.

Children’s experiences are enriched when educators are directly engaged in play and share in the process of decision making, Educators support, guide and extend children’s play and learning through spontaneous interactions, routines and ongoing projects that stimulate children’s thoughts and enrich their passage to learning.

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