Our Philosophy


In relation to educators we will aim to…..

Gorokan Pre School

  •  enjoy teaching, encouraging, stimulating and supporting children’s learning in a safe nurturing environment.
  • appreciate children’s voices, growth, humour, language, interests and engage in  respectful positive relationships with families.
  • listen, support, respect, collaborate and encourage other educators to work as a team. We abide by the Code of Ethics produced by Early Childhood Australia.
  • enthusiastically implement The Early Years Learning Framework of Australia from the Belonging, Being and Becoming document.
  • encourage, role model, listen, research and plan inspiring experiences. We will act upon spontaneous teachable moments and use provocations to be purposeful
    and thoughtful in our decisions and actions.
  • extend their own knowledge and skills with in-services and conferences. Educators will reflect on their own educational practice. Each Educator has their own personal professional philosophy.


In relation to children we will aim to……….

  • provide opportunities to belong by valuing the children’s own experiences, knowledge and skills.
  • We aim to give choices, encouraging exploration, time to problem solve, following up on interests and accepting children as they are.
  • show that children belong by displaying their photos, items, culture and their continuity learning through the use of Pedagogical documentation. We aim to respect children’s individuality, rights, culture and interests.
  • support each child to become confident, happy, considerate, independent, resilient, environmentally conscious, responsible and curious learners. We encourage
    children to connect to the world, develop their own wellbeing and become active learners and efficient communicators.
  • develop learning through play, intentional teaching, stimulating environments, with positive encouragement and support from educators.


In relation to families we will aim to……….

Gorokan Pre School

  • welcome all by finding opportunities for talking and listening. Respecting all cultures, faiths and family structures.
  • supporting family’s interests ,hopes and dreams for their children and ways to build relationships with educators and preschool.
  • connect with families by displaying family interests, cultures, faith, and family structures. We pay respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people and recognise they are the first people of Australia.
  • show that families belong by giving them opportunities to contribute to the preschool community. We want to support and nurture each family.
  • involve parents by respecting, listening, communicating and giving families occasions to connect with each other.
  • developing many ways to inform families of their child’s learning such as portfolios, learning journals, newsletters, displays and conversations with educators. These will be available at all times.


In relation to the community we will aim to………

  • understand that children, families, educators and the preschool are all part of our community and have an important connection.
  • develop our links with the education, local and cultural community. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders community and local public and private schools are links within our community. We aim to develop links with other Early Childhood Educational services and support services as well as Universities and TAFE colleges.